Bunnahabhain 25 years old Single Malt Whisky

Medium copper coloured single malt whisky with quite intense noses of honey, caramel, toasted malt, asphalt and boiled lemon. You can feel the heat of the whisky. Water dilutes the aromas but brings out notes of road tar. Dry with medium acidity, quite high warming alcohol and quite full bodied. Touch of wood tannin is detected. The flavour intensity is at medium level with flavours of coal, peat, honey, malt and citrus peel Fairly long length with sweet malt finish. (91) Powerful.

Tasted on 13 May 2017

可以用猛烈來形容。酒香已經令人感到有點熱力,香氣算強而有一定複雜性。酒在口中味道較簡單了些。酒精感強,有點烈。餘韻長。好 MAN 的。不錯。