2002 Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill Champagne

A medium lemon coloured champagne with quite intense noses of lemon, honey, toast, bread, red apple and touch of caramel and steel. It is dry with quite high acidity, quite full bodied and medium alcohol. Creamy mouthfeel with quite intense flavours of lemon, hoeny, toast, steel and touch of chalk, caramel and stewed apple. Fairly long length with lime and bread finish (93)

Tasted on 24 March 2017

 味道公整平衡可口,酒力強而餘韻長。擺到明是一枝好酒的。酸度足而不削,很醒神。POL ROGER 的酒不會給與你很有特色的感覺,但永遠令人覺得公整平衡,好味道的,亦很難挑剔。