2006 Donnhoff Niederhauser Hermannshohle Riesling Auslese

Medium lemon coloured with over medium noses of honey, chrysanthemums, wet stone, petrol and ripe pear. Quite sweet with quite high in acidity, barely medium alcohol with full bodied. On palate it gives medium intensity flavours of honey, lemon, apricot and touch of mineral and wet stone. Longer than medium length with dried apricot finish. (92)

Tasted on 6 October 2017

酒的平衡不錯,酒體濃厚而甜酸也平衡,香氣算強而複雜,只是酒味在口中強度和複雜性弱了點,餘韻亦算合格,以 AUSLESE 來說是合格有餘的酒,不錯。


2005 Ch. d'Issan

A deep purple coloured dry red wine with close to pronounced level aromas of blackcurrant, black plum, blueberry, bell pepper, licorice, vanilla and touch of smoke and earth. Medium acidity, alcohol and full bodied. The tannin is ripe and soft at medium level with over medium intensity flavours of blackcurrant, bell pepper, smoke, vanilla, vegetal. Fairly long length with blueberry finish. (91)

Tasted on 29 September 2017

05年波爾多瑪高區真係冇得輸。酒香強又複雜之餘仲展現品種特色,單寧又熟又順,再加上酒味已經發展十多年,餘韻又長,好味道,只是酒味的複雜性比酒香差了點 ,但已經好好飲,是一種可以令不懂酒的人也覺得好飲的酒。


2014 Pommard Les Vaumuriens, Domaine Francoise Andre

Deep ruby coloured with over medium intensity aromas of red plum, red cherry, redcurrant juice with touch of strawberry candy, mint spice. It is dry with medium acidity, alcohol and fuller than medium bodied. Tannin is at medium level with touch of greenness. The flavour intensity is over medium with flavours of redberry, plum, tea and touch of cabbage and mushroom. Longer than medium length with redberry finish. (91)

Tasted on 24 September 2017

香氣有一點深度,強度在酒香和酒味也是中上的, 在這年份是很不錯。酒的單寧青了點,酒味仍維持著大部份的味道,但複雜性不及酒香,清新的紅果餘韻頗誘人,不錯。這年份這表現令我期待他2015年的。


2015 Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Domaine Arnaud Ente

This dry red wine has quite deep ruby colour. On nose it gives over medium intensity aromas of red berry, red cherry, mushroom, vanilla and touch of cedar and anise. Medium acidity, alcohol and bodied with fine grain medium tannin. On palate it has medium flavours of red cherry, plum, vanilla, mushroom and touch of cabbage. Barely longer than medium length with red berry finish. (89)

Tasted on 24 September 2017