1974 Ladyburn Single Malt Whisky (Bottled in 2015)

This whisky has medium intensity gold colour. On nose it gives quite high intensity aromas of citrus, peat, malt, honey and touch of caramel. Water brings out some floral notes. It is dry with medium acidity, medium alcohol and quit full bodied. Some wood tannin too. On palate it has quite intense flavours of honey, citrus, peat, floral and vanilla. Fairly long length with honey malty finish. (93)

Tasted on 13 May 2017

風格較輕柔一點,但不失香氣的強度和複雜性。整體酒力算強,餘韻亦長,幾好飲,但不太像有近 40 年的陳年。