2000 Ch. Margaux

A deep purple coloured dry red wine with pronounced aromas of blackcurrant, black plum, vegetal, black cherry, smoke, earth, pine wood and violet. It has medium acidity, alcohol and quite full bodied. The tannin is quite high but ripe and fine grained. On palate it gives quite high flavours of black cherry, violet, vegetal, licorice, British tea and touch of mineral and earth. Long length with black plum finish. (96)

Tasted on 14 October 2016

強烈而複雜的酒香,有點深沉,好像有很多不同香味慢慢透出似的。酒體仍很濃厚,即使已有十幾年。酒在口中的力度也強 ,複雜性仍維持著一定水平,餘韻長,說明這是一枝佳釀。酒的單寧強,但算熟,亦不鞋口。酒放多點時間會更好,再發展下會更好。現在飲已經很好味,但有耐性的不妨過兩年才試。