Talisker 175th Anniversary Single Malt Whisky

This whisky has medium intensity gold colour. The aromas intensity is quite high with aromas of honey, malt, toasted vanilla, iodine, lemon candy and smoke. Water brings out more peaty notes. Dry with medium acidity, well integrated medium alcohol, quite full bodied with medium intensity flavours of lemon, honey, tropical fruit and touch of smoke, peat and iodine. Fairly long length with honey lemon finish. (91)

Tasted on 29 January 2017

酒香強度不錯而有一定複雜性。加水反而增加泥煤味。酒在口中強度不及酒香,複雜亦不降了,餘韻算長。一枝中上表現的威士忌。 泥煤濃度不算太強,各類味道的平衡不錯,幾好飲。